7 Aldersgate Dr. Belleville, Ontario
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Garden Homes

Aldersgate Garden Homes Inc. is a not-for-profit organization consisting of 24 distinct garden homes in a community of shared values and interests for mature adults and seniors.  

Aldersgate Garden Homes operates under a Life Lease plan providing an attractive and affordable housing option in the Quinte area, making Aldersgate Garden Homes the adult life-style community of choice.

With access to a variety of amenities, social and recreational programs, extra maintenance/handyman assistance and personal care services, residents of Aldersgate Garden Homes can enjoy private independent living in comfort and ease. 

Aldersgate Garden Homes offers you an opportunity for retirement planning and capital appreciation similar to your single family home, plus a lifestyle free from day to day worries of maintenance, and security. If you wish to learn more about this exciting new housing concept, please feel free to call (613) 962-1192 for more information.

Thank you for your interest in this unique development. We hope you will become part of Aldersgate Garden Homes.

Rev. Carl Bull,
Chair, Aldersgate Village